September 22, 2020

Alright, so in this video I’m, going to show you ten different affiliate programs products that you can consider promoting. If you’re looking to make money with affiliate marketing now my brother and I have done a number of different affiliate programs, we’ve tried dozens of them.

We’ve made thousands of dollars with some of them, and we want to share with you just some strategies that we’ve learned over the years of some different products you can consider promoting, but also how to find these products.

I know this was a difficult problem for myself when I started a few years ago of how can I actually promote this product that I like, and the idea for affiliate marketing, for what we like to do? Is we like to promote products that we ourselves already use throughout our a day, and what we found is that a lot of affiliate programs they’re kind of difficult to find.

Sometimes you have to really dig deep to find them, and so let’s get into this today and let’s. Talk about the first one. This is going to be probably maybe a little bit obvious if you’ve ever heard about affiliate marketing.

You’ve, probably heard about this one, but we just kind of have to get it out of the way, because it is sort of this rite of passage for many people who are looking to make money with the affiliate marketing.

And that is simply with Amazon Associates. Now this has a lot of pros and cons to it. Amazon Associates I’m just gonna start with the downsides of it is that it’s difficult to make a lot of money with Amazon Associates.

I know some people who might make a few thousand dollars a month with it, but I don’t, know people who are making millions of dollars with it so quickly to show you what the Commission’s are here with it.

What’s great about, though, and the reason why we had to bring it up in this video is because there’s, so many products on Amazon that, if you have a laptop for example, people have asked me mate. What laptop are you using to edit and create your videos and essentially run your business with? I use this Dell XPS 13 inch laptop, I think, was about $ 1,800 when I bought it, but if I want to tell people to buy this, if I want to promote this, then one of the best ways for me to do that is to just put A link to Amazon for this.

Now, if you’re watching this video and you’re confused about affiliate marketing, you might want to check out a different video. I’ll link it up here. I’ll, throw a card here or I’ll, leave a link for it down below as well for kind of explaining what affiliate marketing is.

I’m just kind of assuming you know a little bit about it already, but Amazon Associates it’s, a rite of passage, but there are some kind of really interesting snippets in here within the Amazon affiliate program that can actually make Quite a bit of money, so my kind of go-to for Amazon is simply there’s, going for Amazon, audible and bounties, which is going to be $ 5.

For every time you get somebody to sign up for the bounty program for audible, so it’s once again, not going to make you rich, but we’ve made specific videos where we plug these audible subscriptions.

Where I say you know blah blah blah blah blah and by the way I learned this from listening to a book which I got on, audible, which I’ll, leave a link for it down below right now after this video. So it works pretty.

Well in that sense, but if you actually look at these rates that you’ll, be getting for, Amazon Associates it’s, only going to go up to 10 %. Some of these product categories go down to as low as 1 % for physical video games and video game consoles.

You get 1 % and some even 0 %, obviously for gift cards. It would make much sense if you got an affiliate Commission for those, but most other categories are roughly about 4 %. So yeah you’re, not gonna make very much money from this.

For example, my camera. If I link to my camera through Amazon or this laptop, I might get 30 or 40 or 50 dollars Commission for every one that somebody buys, but it can certainly add up over time now.

Let me show you another one. That is a little bit different, but is one that does pay quite well and that is actually going to be a VPN affiliate. Okay, so there’s a couple here there’s expressvpn or you could look at something like Nord VPN.

Now I like to promote Nord VPN, I’ve worked with them in the past. They seem to have a great team, and so, if we look down on here, you can just go to Noor VPN comm, slash Affiliate and they’re. Not paying me to say this, although maybe maybe I’ll, leave a link for Nord VPN.

If you don’t have one at the moment, but, for example, I’m here in Spain. I’m in an air B & amp B. You probably notice the background looks different, and so I run a VPN with my computer so that when I connect to the Wi-Fi it feels a little bit safer.

When you connect the Commission’s for Nord VPN can be quite significant. So, just looking at this right here, you can see that for a one month offer if somebody signs up for Nord VPN, you’re gonna get a hundred percent commission, literally a hundred percent commission for that one month offer.

But if you get them to sign up for a two year offer – or I know they have a three-year offer as well, then your Commission & # 39. S could be thirty, forty or fifty dollars, and then they could recur every year.

So this is one that I come in with economy see coming to my nor VPN account, because I am an affiliate with them for my other youtube channel and it’s, usually bout. Forty seven dollars per sign up that everybody is doing, and it certainly adds up quite a bit when you get forty seven dollars per signup times, hundreds or thousands of signups that can literally be tens of thousands of dollars.

I don’t know. If I & # 39, ve quite made tens of thousands that probably made, probably in the past year, maybe eight or nine thousand dollars just random ballpark estimate. I would have to look at the actual data from my account.

This is for my primary YouTube channel, though. Obviously this channel is a lot smaller at the moment, so not gonna be doing crazy numbers with Nord VPN, but it’s, just a really simple one. That pays pretty well, alright, so the next one that I want to show you is a weber.

So this is a great area to do. Some affiliate marketing in is email marketing. So a lot of people who are looking to build their online business or even just build their email subscriptions for their local brick-and-mortar business.

They have an ice cream shop. They want to build an email list. They a lot of people need to use some type of autoresponders or emails that that they can automatically send out mass emails to thousands of people.

You can do this through a number of different programs. One of them might come to mind is something like MailChimp. Maybe you’ve heard of that they don’t have an affiliate program. It’s, not really it’s.

It’s, not something that you can really use to make large amounts of money with. But Aweber is another one that’s actually based out of Pennsylvania, so fairly close to my house, but they have thousands of customers.

They pull in millions of dollars per year and they have an affiliate program if you want to find a way to promote it, to get people to sign up for these autoresponders to get people to sign up for this.

So I’ll, leave a link to this down below as well, but their affiliate program pays about 30 %, commission and hey. I want to leave you with this as well that I want to remind you that with any of these affiliate programs, what I found is that a lot of these are negotiable.

So if you are an affiliate for any of these companies – and you’re pulling in large numbers – and I’ve done this in the past, where, if you’re pulling in a lot of traffic for this company, you Can call them up and say, hey, I know you’re, giving me 30 % commission right now.

But in order for me to continue to promote this, you have a lot of other competitors. They’re, offering higher rates. I might like those competitors better, so I’m gonna need you to give me not 30 % anymore.

I want 40 %, I want 50 %, and I see people do this all the time and it works, and pretty often so don’t be afraid to ask for a higher Commission, especially if you are driving a large amount of traffic to that Company as an affiliate, so Aweber really cool one that I wanted to throw in here.

Let’s. Talk about the next one here which is going to be to buddy, so this is great, for if you have a YouTube channel, this is really kind of fits into this niche here, but to buddy actually pays 50 percent commissions for their affiliate program.

This is a plugin that pretty much all youtubers or most youtubers have either one of two things they’ll have to buddy, or they’ll have vid IQ when they go onto YouTube. So let me just show an example here when I go into YouTube and if you’re, not familiar with two buddy and your thing about starting a YouTube channel, I would definitely check it out, download it, but going back to what is most important.

The 50 % Commission on saying that you got the star package here for $ 19 a month that is eight dollars and fifty cents or no I can’t even do math is $ 9.50 per month that you get every single month. So basically, a free netflix subscription every single month for every person.

Then you get to sign up for two buddy scale: it up get a hundred people, a thousand people to do that and you can be pulling in thousands of dollars per month really recurring from this. So, every single month you’re, getting this recurring commission from them.

But if you’re, not familiar with too buddy, I’ll. Show you exactly what it is just on the side here and then we’ll move on to the next one. So, for example, when I go onto YouTube, I have this plug-in that comes in on the side, see on the right side of my screen here.

This here is two buddy. If it loads see, he says video Linux and it shows you how many comments they’re, like ratio shows you their best practices. It shows you their tags right here in the side, so it is a really cool tool that I actually like to promote as well.

For my affiliate marketing adventures and the next one is going to be teachable, so teachable is great, for if you want to do some affiliate marketing for people who are looking to start courses, I know I have some friends who are digital nomads and they like to Promote this because a lot of people who are digital nomads – maybe they have some type of online product or they say that if you want to be a digital Nomad, you can consider creating an online course an online product and a great way to do.

That is through something like teachable. I have a lot of friends who make online courses through teachable. I think the base rate from what I saw last was about 99 dollars. So if you get 30 % recurring Commission on this, this could be quite significant.

That is about $ 30 per month that you can get for being an affiliate for teachable. You can see how this adds up quite quickly, so that is teachable. It is like, I said it’s, going to be kind of an online course platform.

If you want to create, if I want to create an online course of how to cook – and you want to be as good of a chef as me – which I’m – a terrible chef, I know how to make like three things. But if you wanted to be as good of a chef as me, and I made a course, I can make it on teachable and I could promote it to you without having to use something like you to me or without having to like it, sell you, physical, Dvds, it’s, sort of this hosting platform for online courses and then let’s.

Talk about another one here which is going to be Shopify. Maybe you saw this one coming, but hey they pay a lot of money in commissions. The average according to the website, is about $ 58 for each user, who signs up for a paid plan for for Shopify.

Some of these affiliate commissions can literally be thousands of dollars. I’m somebody signing up for the most premium services through Shopify, but this is a great, obviously a great niche, especially if you’re kind of in that ecommerce or dropshipping niche, whether you’re, doing a YouTube channel Or a website, or some other way to find traffic for affiliate marketing by the way we have videos on that as well on how to find traffic for affiliate marketing.

Hopefully, later this week or next week, I’m, going to put out a video about how you can actually use paid traffic to get affiliate commissions get conversions with that it’s, gonna be very, very interesting or just show you How to run ads again, some very competitive keywords too, to hopefully make as much money as possible.

Sorry I’m in Spain and there’s motorcycles driving around on the streets everywhere, all right to the next things here that I’m, going to show you they’re, not necessarily actual individual products, but More so databases or platforms that you can use to find thousands of different affiliate programs and products that you can actually promote.

So I wish somebody told me about these earlier because it took me a while to actually find them, but when I was looking for products to promote, I was thinking okay. How can I find affiliate program? I would go on to that.

Individual company’s website. If I liked using this one software, I would email that company say hey. You have an affiliate program. I found there’s easier ways to do that. One of them is through CJ dot-com.

So this used to be Commission Junction is probably still stands for Commission Junction, but they shortened it to Jo c.j. This has been around for a very long time, literally well over 20 years. I believe they started way way.

Far back in the past, probably older than me to be honest, and so they have thousands of different brands on here. A lot of these. Let’s just scroll through this room very quickly. We’re at 1-800. We haven’t even gotten to a yet, and you see so many different brands.

A lot of these you’ve, probably recognized as well. 23Andme right, you probably recognize some of these different brands here that you can start to promote through this platform and what’s great about it.

Is that if you are promoting 10 different brands, it’s all under the umbrella of CJ. So you get one big fat check at the end of the month, rather than trying to track like 20 different affiliate programs through each one of these different companies.

It just turns into a mess from what I found and it’s nice to have everything under one umbrella, so I love using CJ for finding brands. You can go up here and you can search for certain categories if this loads is Wi-Fi.

Is a little bit slow, but you can go over here and you can search for specific categories, so we can go to categories and write and let’s say that we are in business and we want to search for that. Then we can just search for it and we can find all kinds of different things within here that we can find right and a lot of these like I said we probably recognize ok, so this is really really cool.

This is one of my favorite ones and another one that is equally as great as CJ from my personal experience and the interactions that I’ve had with both of them is actually impact radius. Now I think they actually just shortened it to impact because it’s, just impact comm I don’t, have my login info at the moment.

I wish I did, and so I can’t login, to show you the actual platform and but once again they have hundreds or probably thousands, of different products on there and different companies on there a lot of the recognizable brands.

So I would suggest creating that create an account for CJ comm and for impact comm check out the brands on there see if there’s, something that matches with your personal brand or with your business or with your affiliate marketing ventures that you’re looking for, and I think you can find something really really cool and one other one that we’re gonna just very quickly kind of touch on is Clickbank.

I’ve, made a video on Clickbank how to advertise for Clickbank this one’s. A little bit I’m gonna say sketchy. I don’t like using the word sketchy. I feel like it’s, a weird word, but there’s, a lot of products on Clickbank that you just want to make sure that you do your due on them to make sure that they are legitimate products.

They’re, certainly legitimate products on there. Just make sure that you’re, really kind of sifting through them because they’re. I’m. Not I’m. Not gonna lie there’s, a lot of crap on Clickbank, especially in 2020, in terms of the quality of the product, so just kind of sift through it a little bit.

But it is one that you know you can still make money from and I actually still get checks from Clickbank every single month from products that was promoting years ago that are still paying dividends from that.

Okay, so those are the biggest ones, and I want to leave you with this one final thing: there’s, one final affiliate program product, and it is that I want you to realize that you can literally get any brand or company just about any Brand or company to make an affiliate program for you, so I’ve.

Seen people do this in the past. I have friends who have reached out to companies and I’ve done this myself as well. Reach out to companies say hey! You have an affiliate program, they say no, we don’t and then you say: okay! Well, you know I’m.

Getting three or four five million traffic hits per month millions of views per month, whatever it might be. If you have a large amount of traffic and say I’m willing to promote your company, can you make an affiliate program in nine times out of ten? These companies will literally do that for you and you can start making money from them.

So personally, what I found is, especially in the finance space, which is what my main channel has four hundred and fifty thousand subscribers. They think at the moment. But from that channel there were a lot of different brands or, for example, banks, financial institutions that I wanted to promote.

But I couldn’t figure out a way to do it because you couldn’t just go on to CJ comm or you couldn’t just email, the bank and say hey. I want to be an affiliate for your bank because these are very large financial institutions, so what you have to do is find a way to get extremely high amounts of traffic and then suddenly – and they’re, going to come to you or they’re, going to be much more willing to work with you to the point where now in the financial industry, I’ve kind of been able to open the door.

Finally, after three years on YouTube, I’ve, been able to open the door to the financial products that I can start promoting like high interest savings accounts, credit cards a lot of these other ones that I can get commissions from that most people can’t, get right off the bat and that’s, that’s, not to brag.

I’m telling you this took literally three years of putting in a lot of work to get to the point where now. Finally, some of these companies are allowing me to promote their products. I can get 150 dollars for credit card signups every time somebody clicks on a link for a credit card and sends them to specific websites.

So that is what I want to leave you with that. As long as you’re getting a lot of traffic, you can literally promote anything. They will work with you if you’re, getting a large amounts of traffic. So thanks for watching the video, if you found any value in it, make sure you subscribe to the channel drop a like leave.

Some of your favorite affiliate products down in the comment section below and I’ll – see everybody in next week’s. Video

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