October 18, 2020


Hey Gregory I was born back at you once again social profit out want to give you a little bit more detailed insight into
how it works what it could do for you like how you can definitely crease your success rate when you’re posting your
images to your Facebook profile your Facebook fan pages I got a feeling that post here if some of the images are
posted on my page and I’ll take you over to my page and show you just how it works
you see here this image of a little guy sitting on the stack of money that’s on my Facebook page and it’s clickable I’ll
show you that I have a few more campaigns here that are posted on my Facebook fan page and I’ll take you to
that in just a second but you see those images they’re all clickable my facebook pages go back to the top in my back
office there’s social profit out go to your dashboard here when you get there you’ll see how many total hits the
images have gotten I’ve received how many campaigns you currently have running how many posts you’ve made you
get down here it takes you to a detailed analytic of what time your campaigns were clicked on the IP addresses has all
that information in the back office you can go and check out but I’m gonna take you here to my fan page here my marketer
entrepreneur a business page fan page and we’ll go down and scroll down here and you’ll see that exact image that was
on my page there you see it’s here on my fan page click people click it boom it instantly starts to take them to
whatever link are inserted into it directed them to go to instantly takes them there
powerful powerful stuff social profit out we’ll go down and check out a few more I have here on my page you go down
here you see that uh boom another image here clickable people click they go to where I want them to go another image
here people boom instantly they’re taken to another site that I’m promoting another one of
my campaigns that’s for social profit app itself powerful way to use to resell the affiliate program to promote social
profit app itself if you want to do that or any other campaign you may have currently running working on so social
profit app guys it’s the way to go if you’re looking to get instant traffic if you’re looking increase your return on

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