September 22, 2020

Right here I got about almost $ 3,000 in cash right here, but in this video I want to show you how you can make at least what are these per day with Max Bonnie and cpa marketing. We’re gonna call it don’t need a website.

Don’t need anything fancy, only tool that you would need to make this method. Work is a tracking tool, but I’m gonna go over our. Let due out this video so make sure you watch this video to the end zone miss anything important.

If you knew my channel, I post everything, CPA, early marketing, make money online and videos so good, interesting that’s. I just subscribe to my channel right now turn on post notifications, so you don’t miss my next video when I upload it now that further, Duke, if you’re starting to this chain, alright.

So if you watching this video, I’m. Assuming you already got, make money count, but if you don’t, you can go over to youtube and type in like max money approval how to get approval to makes bunny sure found.

My video number one, this 2019 version still applies to this day. I used it about three different max money accounts using the techniques and tips that I give in this tutorial also have a twenty twenty version of it.

I mean it was just a more updated version of how you proven to make money. It’s kind of like the same thing, just update it. You can go check that out on YouTube as well, but on once you gives you a max money.

Account as one stray up a little bit of income proof before I show you exactly how you can make my jobs per day, step by step. You know without the website yesterday made 364th. Today I’m, taking an ill in my profits because I quality my campaigns because it started out just today.

You know the campaign started out pretty bad, so I just turned the campaign’s off for today, and I will resume the campaigns around 12:00 midnight sore resets, because today just a bad day, I guess, but every other day has been good.

Since I’m promoting it, I wonder if we got anything and do with that uh I was the car that coronavirus thing I don’t think so, because I still make a little bit of money here and there with 2040 cent.

For today yesterday, I was at 364 day before dad believed I was a like 224, so that’s, almost six hundred dollars in 24 hours, but I got ta say where I won & # 39. T do so to make all this work. All you need is a Mega Money account which is free.

We only take about a good day or two one or two business days to get your account set up. We need you a convert, an offer, you & # 39, ll need a tracking tool, and this is the only thing that you really don’t have to pay for other than your traffic.

You know from being this will use. This is why I used to get those results that you see right here, so that 3064 time a yesterday was from using Bing ads. I’m gonna show you our examples of being as if you new to it, but just the only like paid tool.

Aside from your daily budget that you will need to run paid traffic, does you’re gonna have to invest into so? If you go to click, magic click. Magic is to me the best tracking tool, especially for beginner, even advanced affiliates like you use.

This is very, very simple: to use well monthly billing billing. You can go in at $ 27 a month or $ 67 for money. You really don’t need the pro plan. Unless you already pulling in a lot of numbers, but the standard plan, you can do one hundred thousand clicks per month tracking links.

Now with the starter plan. You can do ten thousand clicks per month. Now I’m sure a lot of y’all probably to be in this ballpark somewhere. Now, if you kind of like advanced affiliate, definitely workingman get the standard plan.

If you really really serious that definite recommends to go ahead and paying for it yearly – and you say twenty-five percent – on your plans, which is exactly what I did to save a bit of money. But let me just show you all.

For example, let’s, say, for instance, I want to promote inbox dollars over on vein. So what you can do, business won’t. Show you a quick example when I do so inbox dollars search. Basically, what I like to do is make a list of keywords that so this button this offers basically about completing surveys to make money.

So I do just make a list of keywords relating to make money online surveys things like that great ads like this. So you see you notice an ad when you see the head right here, you go over being so the first three to five results is normally ads over on being and what you can do is actually you can copy this whole entire ad and run it yourself.

Literally, where from where, while I can do, is just change out a few things just to make it unique wet, for example, and bucks dollars start making 450 to 550 at home working four hours per week, typing online blah.

So let’s, see where it’s going. Yes, what I do before I even set up any – and I just probably spy for about 30 minutes to an hour. Look at other affiliates see what they promote in Gokul, a funnels go.

They email follow-ups and things like that. If you and follow my channel, if you you know been subscribed for at least a few months, you know the quickest way to see success online is to take this already working and then improve on that.

So one thing about CPA offers from on CPA offers over on being, is that on that was missing in town think I did okay know brand bidding. What that means is basically, you can’t build on any terms related to my dollars, but that’s cool, because what I’ll do is kind of like reverse it search and box dollars.

Take the inbox dollars. Add copies and then target different keywords, so that way we don’t earn any trouble. So, for example, I would do let’s say right here, so I would take this ad copy from searching inbox dollars.

Go into my notes or any type of notepad everyone do it. Basically, I just take this a headline, one, a headline to website URL, add text and you know set up over on being as being as it’s, pretty assignable for those you don’t know it’s very, very Easy to do, I got to do, is go over to Google or, being I guess, search being it.

You should take you to a link that looks similar to this as da, crazy, a free account get it all set up at any a billing. All the personal details and things like that – and this is what the dashboard should look like, like I said, pause my campaigns earlier today, because it wasn’t doing pretty good.

So when I’m, a recent knows campaigns at midnight, so it’s about three and a half hours, but let’s say, for instance, I want to take this egg company take surveys and all you’Re really gonna need is in fact it’s, not even the link to inbox dollars.

This survey voices, but you don’t need a link to embarks dollars. So what you can do is just open. This tab take this URL. This week’s, end up opening being it paste it there. Another thing I like to do is capitalize.

The first letter of each word just stands out more, so all you really gonna need is a headline one two and you gonna need to add text which we already got got the URL we’ll. Need that nothing we’re gonna need is keywords, so I can’t really give out too too much information, because I go over all that stuff.

My heart doing my keyword, research, ad copy creation and stuff like that inside the elite course under the being a strand. So I can’t really give all out to many other gems. But what you can do is go over to being kind of reverse-engineer how to make money.

You know what make money online with paid surveys. Are you really needed? One broad keyword and if you go down to the bottom most of time is has at the bottom of that it would have like related searches, and you can copy those and use those as your target and sabio being a campaign.

So, for example, keywords: this could be one keyword now. All I like to do is make a keyword list of at least ten to thirty keywords: mom. So that way we can get some traction okay, Bing, when we send it up.

I’m. Show you how quick I’m giel like a quick little demo on how to set up a campaign which I wasn’t really undoing in this video. But why not so, for example, just do pay surveys just to show you are not mean with the latest searches and mind you, you can actually go all these searches that you’re doing.

You can take all these ad copies and split test them, which I definitely recommend doing you know split, says some three or five different ad copies, because you know one a copy you might think will perform.

The best might actually perform worse, and you know if you got an ad copy, that’s. Getting you a terrible click to rate you’re, going up, am more cost per click on being so. You know if you Pam word well per click.

You know your profit margins go down so that’s. Why it’s very, very important to split test your different ads, different keywords. Things like that and you can just show you all. Try font! Oh here, we go right here.

The latest are just to pay surveys that you can do is copy. All of these actually open this one in a new tab. Go down to related searches copy these again, so it’s kind of what you want to do until you get about 10 to 30 keywords.

I like to bolt this. I use Google Docs to organize everything for me so and copy both this and, like I said you, don’t need a tracking software. So that way, you’re, not wasting money, because I mean, although you could just directly straight to the offer and we still is direct linking, but the difference is we don’t, know which keywords so when we targeting these keywords, I’m gonna know, which keywords is getting us to sales, so, instead of just spending and saying you spending hundred hours a day on um, these gonna make you wear.

This is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and out of those 90 words only 2 of those actually making commissions every day. Imagine how much money you can save by just targeting the keywords that’s, making the conversions that’s? Why it’s very, very important to have a tracking tool and I use clickmagick all right went over.

You know the monthly cost of that $ 27 per month. My nothing is important, but you would throw a lot more money down the drain, not having it than having it. So I will leave a link in the description down below so you can set that up, but Nigel once you got your ad copy, the keywords on target: you got your offer.

You want to target you pretty much good to go. I can’t, promote this offer because I’m banned from it, but what you’ll do is just build your tracking link over here. It should be approved for you, the belief.

So I don’t thinking out the request to get approved for this offer, but if we go over being ads when it says free signup come over to Craig campaigns, I want to show you a quick little run-through on the basic campaign.

Setup click on business website. You can name this and watch dollars budget. Now, with a CPA, offer like this that pays out. You know under three dollars. You can spend 10 to 20 dollars per day and get results with it.

So just say: 15. Now most a lot of offers now promote. You know that pays out over 10 dollars. I like to spend at least a 30 dollars per day, so I’m guessing zone because if you spend in five to know the day which a lot of people teach I take a while before you get the results and when it takes that Long a lot of times we just counsel the campaign or together before we even give it a real chance location.

Let me choose specific location, because I don’t think they allow Canada. So you get countries allow only United States, for example, search United States target from here. I’d like to uncheck this box and only target people in your target location and not people from Canada.

Searching about United States do well from here. I was already selected English, that’s. Why I like to do and there you just click on save and go to the next step. Now my button is in a way, so let me see if I can, I go to mix them all right.

There you go okay, a group man. You can name this bulk, since we just kind of like just paste in a bunch of keywords, unless you already know which keywords more target is kind of what I do and could paste those in.

You can get more keywords right here, while letting this low add all these. Now you can see I’m munching on paying per click. Things like that, so I really probably don’t pay anywhere from seventy to seventy cents.

To like a dollar fifty per click, which is cool if it’s, converting Mary’s, click on save and go to the next step. Now right here is the ad creation, like I said you just copy the F from these known. Our spine, you already be good to go, so let me just show you uh copy and paste this take surveys from big brands.

They want to pay you $ 3, now 2020 ad takes. We can take this whole copy. You know what I’m. Trying split these two: it won’t, take surveys from big brands. They won’t paying $ 39 now 2020. I start earning instantly.

Big brands want to pay you 300 a day for your opinion. Okay is what we gonna. Need. Click magic for for our tracking template and that’s. What this area is for and now for our final URL is gonna go straight to the offer page.

Let me just show you real, quick inbox dollars, paste that right there capitalize the first letter and watch dollars. Everyone’s good to go a tracking template. What you will do is get your tracking link from Max Bonnie.

I’ll, since I’m rejected from this offer. I can’t, really pull it up. What you want to do is take your tracking link so say. For instance, this was my affiliate link. One come over click magic, create a new link and box dollars.

Test n box test one place your affiliate link right here: click on create link, inbox dollars, tests pair. You want copy that link and paste it inside your tracking template, and you know if it worked.

If you test it out and actually goes to the landing page right here, you can see the green check landing page from there. You can click on save you can create. You do save and create another. If you got multiple copies, which I recommend, you know three to five different companies to split test, so you can know which one is getting you the cheapest clicks there.

You just click on save. Once you don’t, your had copies saving go to the next step. You pretty much done once you finish this part. All I do from here is clicking on a distribution search only operated only instead of the search partners, because it’s.

Gon na probably advertising a lot of sites you really don’t want to be on so that’s. Why? I just leave it right here from here. You can change! You get just a bit if you want to why. I like to do nowadays just leave it on enhanced CPC, so that way being can then automatically adjust my beer just in case I bit it too low and they can put it at a bit that’s.

Gon na give me some pleats. You know it’s kind of what I do like I said we got a fifteen dollar day budget mirror you pretty much know I got to just say in the campaign know this button is just anyway right now, so I came and press Save Button alright, now I click on save and you can see, is what it looks like campaign created just doing a quick policy review here, as in keywords, most reviews are completed within one business day.

Meanwhile, you can check out the next test. You can take the optimizer campaign, yadda yadda yadda, and you can come here. Click on the campaign then box dollars. Now you can always edit out stuff. You can go to the settings.

I here and change the being a bit of strategy language. You want target the demographics and things like that. You can change out your ads right here, since we only got one. You know ain’t, nothing to really edit keywords.

You can add Li, you can add in negative keywords. Things like that. So whatever is not converting you just throw into it negative keyword list and you pretty much be good to go, but I like to run I like to let my campaigns run for at least um three days before I start making any major adjustments cuz a lot Of people, so what they do is they spend ten twenty dollars and think the campaign don’t work and ya, miss out on a lot of money.

Where somebody like me, I let it run for you know almost week and thirty dollars a day and start making adjustments damn because a lot of times, which I learned from super affiliates campaigns do not even start out profitable.

Just really don’t even expect the campaign to star I & # 39. Ll, probably just expect to get the data on using your clickmagick software. So, for example, you just show you uh. I mean delete this campaign to before start spending.

Money delete. Okay, so what I want to show you how, for example, like this campaign right here got 37 conversions? What I like to do now now it’d, be the perfect time for me to start making adjustments and creating.

I would click on the UM. The keywords that got me the conversions but y & # 39. All gonna probably know what I’m. Promoting about doing that now I want to create more competition than what it already is so but, like I said man just you want to do, let the conversion stack up and then you know create a separate so right here you can see all the keywords that Was converting over here? You want it, you create a new CEM keywords.

So um, you know from there you wan na, especially how you optimize your campaigns, just just putting your winning keywords in a separate campaign and letting your original campaign run at the same time, so that we can increase your ask me and make a lot more money.

So right now I’m at a point where I can spend one hundred two hundred dollars a day on my winning campaign and make you know, go back see if it’s still there three hundred and sixty dollars in a single Day and you know mind you that was the best day I have come on this offer and I only been promoting it for about a week and I just got a budget to a point.

I’ve expended $ 200 in a single day, so I got a lot more updates on this campaign to go well very, very simple man. Setting up these direct link campaigns over on being being is free. Max money is free to get into.

The only thing you’ll need is a tracking tool which also comes with a 14-day free trial and after that is $ 27 per month. But now to save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the long run, so just paying that little $ 27 per month.

You can pay for that depending on what offer you from owning – or you know, depending on your budget, you can either pay for it. In one day, literally like a tracking tool, saving me so much money and, like I said I would leave one link nothi low, so you can get that and it is affiliate link.

So if you do sign up through clickmagick through my link, will get a little commission um, you know cost nothing to you. Just help me out, but yeah man just taking a simple. You know converting offers over on max Bonnie setting up a very, very basic direct link campaign over on being using Bing ads, which is free, like I said before, and yeah ultimately comes down to testing, putting together a nice little keyword file, and you know we’re in traffic to and seeing which ones getting you.

The sales spend some money. You know, spend thirty two hundred dollars to get the data, so you can know which keywords getting you to sales create a new campaign with those winning keywords, and it was almost like you can run off into the sunset and that’s, always gon Na be a game of optimizing, create new edge testing out this testing out that, but for the most part you will most likely be in profit.

I’ve didn’t. Let the campaign run for like a good week and got a lot of data, not a conversion, so you can know which devices which keywords which, as getting a sales, so that we can optimize and make adjustments.

But it’s really just that. Stefan feel like people just over, complicate this and think that a lot of affiliates, because a lot of people, I used to think that myself, to like, I used to think that super affiliate has some type of secret offer: a secret network secret traffic source.

That’s, making them the money when really they just do the simple stuff right, literally, that’s. It like making the same the same amount of effort. You were putting into me three hundred dollars in a single day and be the same money effort you make to make three thousand a day like my biggest day online was about sixteen hundred, and I literally did nothing extra then what I did to make on trial.

So I’m well on my way to get into that point, which is my big goal, just like $ 1,000 a day consistently with affiliate marketing but yeah. Maybe I want to learn exactly how to set these campaigns. You know this was kind of just like a preview.

What I do you can go click the first link in the description down below, which is my elite course inside the big edge training that’s. Basically, where I go over exactly I set it up step by step. You know all the little details and things like that and we become a member at lis course.

You can get 100 % free lifetime updates. You get access to me, my personal email, my personal Facebook, you access to a private Facebook group where you can join me and all other 400 members as inside the elite course and yeah man, basically inside the elite course you can network with other members post.

Your results, sir ideas and things like that cuz. I learned a lot from my members just going through the group every single day um, you know, which I will ultimately add back into the training enough, so you get free lifetime updates and I’m.

Also, probably by the time you watch this video item 8, the new update inside they’re being asked training. We’re, basically showing how to add in Atlanta page. So if you didn’t want a direct link, I will show you how to integrate your landing pages and still be able to track which keywords getting you to sales.

Like I said, I should be added within the next hour so but yeah that’s, pretty much all I got for that. If you enjoyed it, leave a like leave a comment: our platter. Everybody subscribe to channel. If you new, post everything, CPA, affiliate marking them make money online and yeah man that’s, all I got for this video I’ll, see you all next time,

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