September 22, 2020

Hi guys welcome to much Armani vehicle zero zero 1 and this video I’m, going to show you 10 of the best CPA, affiliate marketing networks, which you can join in 2020 and the best thing about the CPA. Affiliate marketing networks is that they provide you with instant approvals, so at won’t, take much time for you to get approved to this network.

Ok, most of the people are having some of the problems and joining Mac’s. Bounty! Ok! This are the alternatives of Mac’s, bounty which you can join and start promoting cer. You need to office and a lot of categories, different type of CP affiliate offers are available and this affiliate network.

So all you need to do is take action and join this affiliate networks. Let’s start the video and let me show you all the fielded networks which we are gonna use and where you can sign up almost instantly and start promoting, because most of the people are giving most of the people are living in a Living a life giving excuses that I cannot join max party, thus weasel.

I cannot start affiliate marketing, but don’t just do or get there don’t give that type of excuses of reasons and let’s get started into the video, ok. So the first affiliate network, which you can join CP affiliate network, is known as Adsense media now ads and media really provides you a quick form which you just need to fill up, and then you can just log into this network and start promoting its affiliate.

Of course ok, so you can see already to do this. Put in your first name last name: email phone number, a password, confirm password, and then Jesus had to provide your name country and all this stuff and who you need to do this right down here about yourself how you are going to promote their offer.

So you can also provide, if you have a website, then you just need to provide your website over here or you just have your YouTube channel there. You can also provide your YouTube channel length over here enter this box.

Ok provide your Skype handle. This is very necessary. Most of the people skip this and due to this, they won’t, get accepted in affiliate networks. So you need to make your Skype account. It’s, absolutely free to sign up for a Skype account.

So just go and sign up, okay, so your and here help you write it down how what type of office you are as interested. In, for example, I’m interested in health and health. Ok help me so I just know: users have to write it.

I will be promoting health office and you just have to elaborate what methods you are going to use. What social media you are going to use. What paid traffic networks you are going to use already reduces provides some brief information.

Just click on that. I’m, not a robot and don’t click here. If you are a robot and just click on submit and then you can join this network and start promoting the office with this network house, ok, it gives you an instant approval, so it won’t, take much time or it may take 24 hours To get approval, if not instantly, ok, so don & # 39.

T worry about that now. The second network second network, which you can join ok, is Monas ad vendor, ok and vendor calm. Ok. This is also one of the best cpa, marketing affiliate networks, which has a lot of offers, which you can promote in different categories, and this also contains some of the premium affiliate office, which you can promote.

Ok, so all you need to do is provide your email. Your password, your skype ID and only need to do this, just click on whichever other products to whichever type of products you want crowd, click on, I agree and and all the stuff and just click on registration.

Ok, that’s. It and you can just register for this network. It’s, pretty easy and it does not is not very strict about approval. It provides so people really instantly so don’t just wait. Ok, it will provide your approval.

All you need to do is wait for some time of 24 hours and they definitely provide you the approval. But the only thing is that users may have to provide your genuine information so that you can just join this network and start promoting the affiliate affiliate offers which this as having okay.

So that’s, really important and not the third CPI belief network is known as CP Eliot comms. Now the best thing about this CP, indeed Affiliate Network is that you just have to log in with your Google account, and then you can start promoting the office.

Fitness Network has okay, that’s really awesome, because you don’t need to wait for any approval, or there is no interview or nothing like that. There is no almost zero approval process. All you need to do sign up and log in and just start promoting, which offers you want to promote, but CP elite.

It has got a lot of sweet takes office which you can promote as well as there are some painting office which are available on this Affiliate Network. Okay, so you can upload. You can promote all this affiliative of the Sophie now.

The next is fire wine-soaked. A fire ads also provides you as state approval. Just can sign up. Okay, so don’t wait and just provides you a sent approval. All you need to do is go and sign up for this Affiliate Network.

Okay – and there are a lot of dating options which are available on this network. So if you are interested in dating niche or working in a dating niche, then you can find a lot of offers which you can promote with fire ads and fire ads.

Okay and oh, those are CPA, affiliate networks, so you will be getting paid $ 1 to $ 5 per lead. Okay, so just join this network if you are really into dating niche okay. Now the next affiliate network, which I’m gonna show, as known as ad work media.

There are lots and lots of office which are available on this CPA, affiliate network and all-union. There are pin submits. There are app installs as well as different category and there are offers from all over the world okay, so there are offers from every country of the world so on this network, so you can find particular offers from you country or other country and start promoting those Offers easily okay, so this is also one of the best Network which I am personally using and it has some great offers which you can promote in 2020 and make some great cash online okay.

So now the next CP of elite network is on a CPA trend. Okay, this is one of the best network and it has a lot of premium CPA, affiliate programs, CP affiliate offers, which you can. Probably all you need to do.

This click on become an affiliate, and then all you need to do this. You can just sign up for it. Okay, all you need to do is provide your sample information and you can sign up for this network. It’s a premium network, and you can see that it is, it has been collaborated with P apply.

Ok, so many of the CPA market is smooth @ pf live was the previous that well, which was working okay, but now it has just collaborated, or we can say that CP trend has taken over be flag and you can just get accepted over here.

All you need to do this, provide your oldest information and write down their genuine information and they are really easily in terms of approval. Okay, so don’t worry about that. They can miss me. They will easily approve you and you can start promoting their offers, but it will take some time to approve you.

Okay, so it may take 24 hours for the approval process. Now the net next epilate network, which you can join for CPA market, is known as perform. Cb, okay, so this is also one of the best affiliate networks, which is also known as click booth.

Okay, click booth is also really great and it has some awesome office to promote okay. So all you need to do is go to the network join in, join in with this network, and you can start promoting its office and its really well.

First, aid and older field network, so don’t worry about the payment details and all this stuff, because this network is really awesome and provides all the payments absolutely at time and that’s. The best thing about this affiliate network.

You can also join this in 2020 and start making a lot of money and 2020. It’s a little bit. It takes a little bit time to get approved and this, but still it’s. One of the best affiliate network CPA build a network with you which are next CPF, indeed, network, which you can join in 2020, LCP grip comm.

Now there are content whoppers there, download blockers, video, lockers off walls and what you can see all the stuffs are available, and this ad it has a lot of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and all the stuff of a super.

So if you are interested in this kind of niche in which you are going to promote cryptocurrency and all this stuff, then this is one of the best thing Affiliate Network for you, where you can get CP offers, as well as pay per download office, which you Can also promote and start making money out of this.

Ok, so trust enough, indeed network, so you can just join it without any time without getting tensed and just start promoting the office. Ok, so let’s, go to the next one, and you will see here. It has got almost 2000 campaigns.

The next CP affiliate network, with you enjoying isness ad make ads mean calm. Now this is also a new one and it’s really box, and the thing is that this is a new awfully tired that’s, a reason, my it provides you with asset approvals, so that won’t, be any Problem in getting approved for the spectrum – and you can start promoting the office with this network – gives you and really easily and will be fast.

Ok now the last is known as movie idea. So if we are interested in promoting mobile phone offers or application officer get paid for the making someone download some applications, then this is one of the best affiliate network which you can join and the best thing is that all you need to do the sign up And then you can log into your account and start promoting offers that’s.

The best thing about movie idea and the users have to just log in with your Google ID and that’s. It and you can start promoting all the offers with this program has for you and you will start making money online, but the simple affiliate Network and anyone can make money doing this very simple stuff.

I have got a lot of videos on CPA, affiliate, marketing or paper leader affiliate marketing. So all you need to do is take out those two of my videos where you can find all the stuff of CPA affiliate marketing.

So you can also those videos as well as you can check other videos on my youtube channel, which also provides you some great value on how to make money, online, affiliate, marketing and all the stuff, because I teach all the stuff in 2020 and absolutely I provide Free value over here, without promoting any of the products to you, I just don’t promote most of the office.

The tools which I promote to you on this YouTube channel are the tools which I personally use. Okay and I don’t provide and I don’t offer any high ticket or any other office. I don’t profit, those offers on my youtube channel.

I just provide free value on this YouTube channel and that’s. The reason why you should press the subscribe button, as well as the bulk notification, so that you will get notified every time. I come up with the new and you videos just like this, for you to help you make some money online and we will be continuing in the next video.

Well, we will see you in the next video either then stay happy, stay subscribed and thanks for watching

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