September 22, 2020

How to make $ 700 per day online is that even possible? I used to think it wasn’t until I did it. Yo was going on in Sheboygan, ecash, live and direct with another valuable, valuable video for you. It’s.

Time to get this money is twenty twenty guys it’s time to make this money. So how can you make seven hundred dollars per day online and is it even possible before we get into that? I want y’all to hit that like button for your boy for the YouTube algorithm straight up.

I want you to go ahead and subscribe and hit that build notification. So you’ll, be updated when I upload more videos. Okay, so back to the question: is it possible to earn seven hundred dollars per day online in 2020? It’s, definitely possible.

I’m gonna give you the inside scoop some secrets, some tips on how you can do it using affiliate marketing, CPA marketing. However, you want to do it. I’m gonna show you the way to get there alright. So let’s, dive right into the computer, alright! So right now we’re on udemy, okay, we’re on udemy, and this is a platform that sells courses right so right out the gate guys, your brain should be turning right, not to get your brain should be turning if it’s, not turning! Then there’s, something wrong alright, so we’re gonna get into what you guys need to do to start making good money online.

Now. The key to this is I’ve, always told you become the expert. How do you become the expert you learn from the experts? Okay, you. Let me just dive right into it. Alright, so right here let’s, say you’re.

Looking up, this has tons and tons of courses as you can see different categories, marketing personal development, pretty much everything you want to know it has YouTube. It has everything in the world on here, and these courses are very, very cheap.

This is going to be the year of investing for you, okay, this is going to be the year of investing for you, and also I want you guys to be able to move further in your career. So let’s, say, for instance, I type in credit.

I love to talk about credit, but let’s say I type in credit right, I just type in credit and let’s, see what kind of you know courses they give me right. So they have a guide here. This talk about what credit repair the total guide took great of great credit score.

Alright, god has it says what over 50 100 students and it’s only 10 bucks guys. So how could you become the expert? I want someone to to answer this for me. How could you become the expert? The way to do it is by this course for 10 bucks.

It’s, nothing guys it’s. Nothing then what you want to do is you want to recreate everything you saw in this course. Okay, you want to recreate everything right now. A lot of people talk about. They want to make money online, but you’re too lazy guys.

A lot of you are too lazy. You hit me up, and you say you don’t want to do this this and this then I give you the blueprint on how to do it any like. I don & # 39. T really want to do that. I don’t want to do this.

Well then, you’re, not trying to make no money, guys. Listen! I made over one hundred thirty thousand dollars last year right. I’m gonna triple that this year, but the only way I was able to do that was doing exactly what I’m, telling you to do right now, okay, so this is what you do like right.

If this credit repair, if it’s, CPA, look at the CPA, marketing guys come on. What do you want to learn and how can you become the expert I’ve told you guys even beforehand, even if you used my videos and remade them into your own, you can make money guys it’s, not it doesn’t take, you know a rocket scientist to do this right.

So this is how it’s done so, for instance, I’ll. Go back to credit. I’ll. Just say I’m gonna go back to credit, real quick, so I can show you guys how this, how this works and how you the expert, so let’s say you buy.

This is a four-hour course, 50 lectures guys. How much could you learn right? How much could you learn and how could you package this right and put your own price tag on it? Yours could be $ 94. If you wanted it to be right, it could be $ 94, it could be $ 300, it could be $ 500, but it’s, your own stuff, your own.

You know brand over it. Now then, if you use you, you tell them, you know you build a website around. I & # 39. Ll show you that in a second and then you tell them hey, you know if you want our services and you want this and that you have to use identity IQ, and this is a credit monitoring service, guys right.

It’s, a credit monitoring service. So basically, what I’m telling you is, you will have people join your whatever it is that you have whatever affiliate product that you have tied into that you will load it up with enough affiliate programs that actually work nothing.

That’s, a scam right! We don’t want anything that’s, a that’s, a scam, and you want it to. You know produce content right, you want it to produce numbers and results, and so identity IQ has been around for a long time, but it’s, a credit monitoring service.

You know that stops thieves and threats and things like that and they have an affiliate program. So if you click here to the bottom, you & # 39. Ll see a filly, you & # 39, ll, be able to sign up to that, and so once you have, you know you’re.

You dissected this stuff. Now this is some of the things you guys are gonna have to learn. As far as maybe a small amount of video editing it doesn’t take long. They have courses on that to have YouTube videos on that.

A bunch of user friendly stuff, guys a bunch of user friendly stuff, but you just package it all up. Okay, you package it up and you become the expert. Now you get you a logo. How do you do that? Let me go here.

We’ll, go to poster my wall. I’m gonna show you how to get the free stuff guys. I’m looking out for you in 2020, because I want you to have the same success as I did and the same kind of come up as I did right.

So if we go to poster my wall, we click here to browse click on browse and there’s, a ton of categories over here that comes up okay. These are a ton of categories that you can use to become the expert.

Now, if you want logos, click on logos, bingo, all you have to do guys, whatever company name, you come up with what that would ever design whatever I did. You have. You can come here and create a logo based around whatever your name of your company is okay, so let’s say I just use this template.

I’ll click customize template this. Is this doesn’t. Take god. I’m telling you this right here will take you to the next level right. This is the way that bets you do it online okay, but at first you know before they can get you an elbow.

Seeing all that stuff. You know make it official, but this is what you do see. Look I can come here. You see how easy this is you see how easy this is. I’ll, just say wealthy Empire. Let’s, say cuz. This is my my LLC wealthy Empire right.

So what if I wanted to make a logo like this right and your business tagline? I’m gonna just say entrepreneur right boom. Then you can change everything about this entire thing right. If it doesn’t move.

When you try to move it, it says it’s, a lot just click unlock. Then you can move it okay, but you can change. Look. You can replace this image to whatever image you want and if you want an image that doesn’t have a background.

You & # 39, ll need to go to Google, ok and you will need to type in whatever let’s. Say I’m, just gonna, say Sun, whatever you want to type in and just put PNG behind it in there in the background will be, you know, removed right.

So if I clicked on this, the background will be removed on this actual image. You can use that, but I wouldn’t use Sun, but it’s. Just singing like a little Sun right here, but just to give you it could be a dollar sign could be a building or have you in it.

But all this stuff guys can be removed for unlock this. I can remove this whole thing, and now your logo is created guys that’s. How simple it is to now: you can be a household brand, a household name that’s, an expert in a certain niche, and you can do it just like that you can become the expert.

So after you have let’s say you have your logo, you have your brand. You have your little saying your company’s saying go whatever have you want to design that? Okay, then you need to build a website around that and, like I said guys, this can be over anything whether CPA, affiliate marketing, Clickbank.

Anything guys, like I said you to me literally, has all the information or you know you. If you don & # 39, t want to pay $ 10 you to go to youtube breakdown. Videos put it in your own way. Your own personality put your own spin on it and package that thing and sell it as a business guys.

You can sell it to me, but as a business now you’re, the expert right, and this is how it works. Okay, so let me go here to leadpages. Leadpages is what I use to create my websites, I capture pages, and things like that.

I do have a link below this video. If you want to give your boy hey some affiliate commissions, you know what I’m saying just for you know tell me about that, but this is where I make my stuff. So I click.

I click start a blank page right once it opens up. I’ll, be able to create any kind of website. I want to around it right so, like I just say affiliate, I’ll just put GG, so I’ll, just cuz there’s. Some are delete later, but you can literally create now.

The reason why I love leadpages and because this drag-and-drop is so simple right, if I wanted to make a header guys, I just click this right. I can click next to it add another one, and these these can be my tabs guys.

These can be the tabs to my website, so, for instance, this tab may just say home right. This one may say credit repair right. This one may say make money. This one could say anything. I mean it. Doesn’t really matter.

I’ll just put CPA or something like that right. These could be my tabs. I can control the size and everything of these like this right, the spacing of it. If I want it to be spaced out or not, and if i graph i click in between here, I can like stretch them out like this, but see a lot of these.

I would have to make a little smaller so that way it’ll fit okay, like that, I can stretch that out. Let’s just say I wanted like three tabs. I’ll delete this one, so it doesn’t, go all the way off the page like that boom.

Okay, I’ll, delete that one and then I & # 39. Ll make this one a tad bit smaller. It’s. How simple this stuff is guys. Your your website could be this simple. So this top page will just be my my my header right then I click in the middle.

Where it says add section, I add a section and then I click right here on section and I can change the color of the background of this one to like black right or you can add an image. If you want an image on it, you can do that as well.

Right now, I’ll just do a color, and I want my color to be like black boom right. So now I have my top header to where people could be able to click. You know certain tabs and things like that. Okay and then I have my my bottom section to where people will be able to you know view whatever I have on my page.

Okay and like I said this could be one page, two pages or three pages right. So, for instance, I & # 39. Ll just grab this logo. Here I’ll. Go to save your logos on here. You just click. The Save button.

Wait because I may just need to download it, so I believe this is the download wait. One of these is, I think it’s this one here it is so this yellow one is a download you just download. If you want that super high quality version, it’s about $ 2.

99, so lets out download this right and I just want to put the the actual logo on the website so that’s there. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna actually change this to like a light gray. So that way, you will be able to see how it looks the actual logo, okay and so from here I’ll go here.

I’ll, add an image wherever it is here. This image drag and drop guys. This stuff is literally a game changer. It literally is alright. So I’ll click upload. Let me go to downloads bingo there it is. I opened it up.

Stuff is easy. Click insert and voila right now, this colors a little bland matter of fact. What I’ll do. Is I’ll change this color to white? That way it will it’ll, look better. I think it & # 39. Ll, look better if it was just white boom there.

It is alright, and then this part up here I could probably change to light gray, but I’ll leave that white for now, okay, so that’s, that’s. Part of the website, right from here, like I said I could change the size of the that I want the logo to be okay, so that’s, the logo at the at the top of the page.

Okay, then, from here you can add another section, and then this section could be the color part of the section. So we can make this section black bone. Then we can have whatever text images. However, we want to do it here and then pretty much.

This entire website guys will be full of different things that you offer that you do and let’s say you’re, just a complete newbie! This stuff can help. You win right. If you’re, a complete newbie to online you literally now the expert right, all it does is, takes a little a little legwork.

You know putting it in. You create this entire website full of different affiliate links, full of all kinds of stuff that people. May you know day-to-day stuff that people have questions about. You are now the expert on that.

You can then refer them to the website now. The key to this is even if you don’t want to brand yourself. If you just want it to be anonymous, you don’t want your name on it. This cabbage is always a website that you recommend to people hey there’s.

This really good website that I use right. You can say something like this: a really good website that I use they have everything from credit repair teaching how to make money. I mean it’s, a really great website.

You should go check it out and have tons of stuff that will help you out. You know whatever you need, they’ll, go to the website. They start signing that follow these things, and now you’re making money on the back end right so guys with that being said, that’s, how you make seven hundred dollars a day, guys literally that’s, it.

That’s it now. How do you get traffic to something like this right? If you’re somebody who’s confused about traffic and you never know how to get traffic, the first thing you need to do is build a social media presence.

You need to build a social media presence and how you do. That is by adding as many friends as you want as many friends as you possibly can from different areas, because I know a lot of you are scared to post on Facebook because of your friends and your family.

You have to get out of that. You got to step outside of your comfort zone and this mini try to get to 5,000 friends on Facebook right that way you have an audience to market to right. This is the way to do it for free.

I know a lot of people don’t like pay, but paid is the best way, but build that audience up and constantly post little tidbits of valuable information right. You, post tidbits, of valuable information.

People now see you as the expert and the go-to person. They will then start to come to you on certain topics and you’ll, be able to send them directly to the website. A lot of you, don’t, have to say too much.

You just say enough. Information send them to your website. You’re from your website will have everything they need to know on it. That way, you’re, not verbally vomiting, all over people and messing up your leads.

You send them directly there they go through and they sign up guys it’s that simple, literally seven hundred dollars a day guys. This is what I’ve, been doing like ridiculous amounts of cash, but stay tuned, guys cuz.

I got a lot more information. This is just a warm-up video guys. It’s, just a warm-up video. If you made it all the way to the end, I wanted to tell you as a surprise that, starting now with my Google Adsense money, I’m gonna start, giving portions of it away to you guys as subscribers for watching.

So the only way you’re, going to be able to enter and be able to be a part of that is to follow me on instagram. It’s in the description below. Follow me on instagram and comment on every video that I upload from now on write, comment and leave your cash app.

If you have cashed up, leave your cash out next to where you come in, ok, I will then start going through these videos each month. Selecting a few winners, or maybe one or few or a few and just cash shopping – you guys money on camera, guys that just says a thank you of helping me reached my goals.

I’m, going to help you put some money in your pocket as work guys with. That being said, it’s, your boy, Jeremy cash stay tuned for the next video peace, [, Music, ]

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