September 22, 2020

What is going on guys welcome back to another video in this video? We are going to be talking about cpa, marketing and max bounty, and specifically, we’re going to be talking about what should you do if you’re, a beginner? What kind of verticals can you promote if you’re, a brand new beginner and you haven’t you don’t really have a lot of experience, or maybe you’ve done it for a while, but You don’t have a lot of sales coming in, and so what is the best? How do you start? What is the best one to start so that there’s, no confusion and in the second part of the video we’re, going to talk about different ways of promoting these surveys without using some crazy methods.

So this is going to be applicable to every single beginner out there and also intermediates of max bounty cpa marketing, at least those that haven’t been doing something like five thousand dollars a month or ten thousand dollars a month, all right so before We can get into the presentation.

I just want to say that if you like cpa marketing, if you like affiliate marketing, if you like, make money online and you’re tired of the methods that everybody else is talking about, you’re. Looking for some advanced method, you’re.

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Also, if you have any questions throughout the video you’re, not sure about something feel free to leave a comment, and i’m gonna help you out. Having said that, let’s, get inside the presentation, all right.

So here i am on my max bounty screen and i’m thinking to myself. Okay, what should i promote as a beginner? What what should i do – and this is kind of what we’re, going to talk about today? The first thing you have to understand is the category right.

This is going to dictate what you’re going to do, and this really should always be the starting point, because the category really connects with your interests and passions because it doesn’t really matter.

Filter, cpa type, none of that matters. If you pick a category that you don’t know anything about right as a marketer, you have to know something and what makes it a little bit more challenging is that when it comes to cpa marketing the categories are they’re? Not only verticals, they’re, not only like okay, you know.

Did i like this? I have a passion for this. I don’t have a passion for this. We also have different types right. So, for instance, we have sweepstakes which is kind of different than something like education or downloads right.

Not only are they different interest type of categories, but they’re, also in different types of categories right, they can be promoted on different uh types of traffic sources and different ways, and all these things – and so this is very, very important when you Are starting out, you want to really understand the kind of category you’re.

Getting you’re, getting yourself into right. You need to understand what you’re doing and what you’re getting yourself into so because with every category they have completely different attributes and different things.

Okay, and so we have automotive, we have biz up. We have business to business dating uh downloads and what i feel is one of the easiest ways to get started. A lot of people will tell you it’s sweepstakes, but actually, in my opinion, i would say it’s.

Surveys right, in my opinion, surveys are probably one of the easiest way to get started. So if i type service and i type apply search options, we have a list of various offers and the thing you have to understand what you know about service and why? I really like this category is because the cpa rate is fairly low, and so, when it’s slow, it means couple of things.

Well, it means a lot of things well, number one is that you won’t, make as much money and that’s kind of the disadvantage. The main advantage is that you can hit the ground running. You can get traction a lot quicker.

Okay, it’s, a lot quicker to get somebody to do an soi which stands for a single opt-in, as opposed to get somebody to buy something like a 50 product right. When you’re trying to to get somebody to purchase a 50 product, you can spend days, maybe even weeks sometime without any results.

But for this you, you’ll, be able to see results like right away. If you follow what i’m talking about, if you listen to this video and listen to the methods, okay, just just try out this method. I’m gonna teach you, and so, as a result, it’s.

A lot easier to get traction right and if you’re a beginner, if you’re, somebody that doesn’t have a lot of experience. Traction is one of the most important things when you’re starting out, you want to see results right.

You want to do the work, but you also want to make sure that you’re, getting the results. Okay – and this is very, very important, and so what i really recommend is, i recommend service okay. Now any of these servers is fine.

I would just click on approve to run and just see basically look at service that you already approved to run at, and any of them are fine right, basically, which what you want to do is like survey voices.

They’re, all kind of the same, and so it’s, not really worth it. I mean yeah, you can. You can choose a three dollars per lead which is uh double opt-in, us. The another thing you want. Is you wan na pick us, okay, you wan na start with us, because this traffic method works best with us traffic.

I mean you’re, just gonna be handicapping yourself. If you’re gonna be picking surveys that are uh that are not us, so i would not recommend promoting any kind of foreign service right now. In this method, i recommend, starting with us-based surveys and then later on, you can go from there.

Now you want to avoid incent allowed because incent means bribe, and these surveys they are. The rate is going to be lower because they’re, allowing you to reward people that submit. This is an advanced topic.

I may make another video, and so you want to avoid instant allowed because you’re, going to get very, very low rates on these kind of surveys. So let’s say we want to promote survey voices. We’re, going to open the survey we’re, going to take a closer look of what this survey is and how does it work and that kind of thing.

So you know i can basically help you out to promote it better, and so you want to read the description. You also want to read this allow traffic types. Okay, we are going to be doing contextual and social for this example, so both traffic types are allowed and i’m, going to explain to you why they differ, and so you can read the description, take surveys and get paid survey voices you can Make 800 per week completing surveys: all you need to do is instantly qualify, then view exclusive offers in exchange for your opinions and get access to paid surveys, clinical trial opportunities and part-time offers.

Okay, so this is important. This first part is really a kind of the like a copy. It’s a benefit to the visitor right. It’s, not so much a benefit to us, because we don’t. We’re, not going to be taking service.

This is a benefit to the visitor, and you want to pay attention to this because we’re, going to be using that later on. Next, you want to you want to read all of this. A lot of this is restrictions, and you want to make sure you read this, because if you don & # 39, t follow what it says: they might not really count your leads or disable your account or any any other bad things.

You you don’t want to skip on this, so it says any custom, creatives or subject from lines must be approved before use no pop traffic. This software converts no youtube traffic, which is absolutely fine for our traffic method to how we’re going to do it, so we can basically build a tracking link right here.

We can just do contextual, we can do rolling and really what what makes it really cool is that they have five landing pages right. This is kind of what i like about it. They also have some banners look at this.

They also have some banners uh. This is really awesome. Uh the banners are here, and so you can select a landing page. Let’s say you want to promote here or here or here and it’s, basically going to give you a link.

It’s, going to spit out a link that you can basically put on the website or gift give to people or promote. However, you want and there when they click on the link. It’s, going to track that it comes from you and they’re, going to go on a different uh landing page, and this is really good because brands need you make cash from home.

It depends on the angle you’re going right, it really depends on the angle, and the other thing like i mentioned is the banners. This is actually a new feature of max bounty. I have not seen this before, and so this is a really really cool feature, because now you have all these uh assets, they’re called assets that you can use in order to make your own ads or creative.

So this is really cool, and so now you have to think about how you’re gonna be promoting right, you can you can make a link and you can just send the sling message. This link to a bunch of your best friends, uh to your relatives and all these people, but that’s, limited right.

It’s, very, limiting okay uh! You want to scale this right, you, and so how do you scale? And so the best way to scale it is by actually buying page traffic. You can buy page traffic, you can do free traffic.

Now, in this method, i’m, going to show you a way where you can combine the two, because you either have paid traffic or you have free traffic there’s, nothing else. It’s, really that black and white either you pay for traffic or either you get free traffic.

But what if i can tell you, you can have it both ways, and so this is something we’re going to be talking about. Today, now, in order to get free traffic, the best way to get free traffic is by getting google to send you traffic right.

This is called search engine and it’s called organic traffic and the way you do it by something called search engine. Optimization, so if we look at this site right here, this is called savethestudent.

org and they have an article here. The best paid online survey websites, okay, got got some time to kill close the youtube cat videos. You could be making up to 1 000 a year instead by taking paid online service and testing free products.

They’re claiming a thousand a year, but really you could be making a lot more. If you know, if you & # 39, re, more active, and so what they have here is basically a list of survey sites and every single one of these links is an affiliate link.

Okay, none of these are direct links. Uh they’re, not links, and they just have a simple website and it happens to be. This website has a lot of articles right. So there’s. Make money there’s banking.

There’s. Finance save money, jobs and the make money part as one of the articles on the make in the make money category it’s, actually a bunch of surveys right service. Now this could be from max bounty.

These could be from somewhere else. We do not know, and frankly, we don’t really care, because, regardless, where they get these links, it could be from max bounty could be another cpa network there’s, a bunch of them.

It does not really matter because the the rate is going to be very similar. It’s, all going to be around 240 per lead. Maybe three dollars per lead, maybe two dollars per lead. It’s, gonna be under under four dollars.

I would say it’s not going to be about four dollars. It might not have been above three dollars right, because these are free surveys right. We’re, not getting the person to buy something. We’re, getting them to complete surveys, and so you can & # 39.

T really expect them to pay us a lot of money for this quality of traffic right. The quality of traffic is not the highest, let’s just say this way, and so they basically have how many do they have? They have uh they don’t have a list.

Let’s. Let’s. Scroll down and see how many they have here, wow, they have a lot. They have 25 okay, so they have a list of 25 surveys, and this is kind of what you want to do right. This is the free traffic method and the way you want to do it is you want to actually create a website.

It’s very, very simple um. You can sign up for a bluehost. I have a bluehost link in the description. Bluehost is a host that i use for all my sites, or at least the majority of them size. I have some old sites and another host that i’m, going to migrate to bluehost, and what bluehost does for you is that it allows you to set up a site like this very, very easy.

It’s, never been easier right. Now to actually build a site, and when you build a site, google is gonna index it and it’s. Gon na start sending traffic to it right. The sooner you build the site, the quicker google is gonna actually like season it right with google.

It matters a lot. The time frame right it’s like fine wine right, the older it is the better. It is same thing for the size. I have like 40 45 sites now i’m building more sites and my biggest regret honestly.

Well, not in my life, you know, but my biggest regret when it comes to seo is the fact that i didn’t start the sites. Yesterday that i started them today, i didn’t, start them a year ago, because it’s like an asset that basically gains in value.

It’s like real estate, and so what you want to do is you want to sign up for bluehost, you’re, going to get a free domain name. You’re, going to get a free, ssl certificate. You’ll, be able to create a bunch of sites.

I don’t know the exact number, but i think their like cheapest plan allows you like to create a bunch of sites. I don’t think it’s just one side, but you can. You can double check just to make sure and it only costs three to four dollars a month right, like the cost of coffee in manhattan, new york, right it’s, just it’s, almost nothing and you’ll, be Able to actually build your own brand and when you sign up for bluehost, you’re, going to have a website, but this is the backend.

This is the admins admin screen, and this is the name of my site. This is actually one of my sites and if you’re going to post, you’re going to see the various articles that you can write and all you have to do is go on post click on add new and create this Piece of content basically create something that already exists: um do not copy and paste.

I do not recommend it’s not going to it’s not going to work at all. Do not plagiarize, but you want to create this content like this, and you want to follow the format. Do not you know, you can paraphrase them right and what you want to do is you want to show the offers that already exist in max bounty to luna exists? I know it.

Doesn’t. The swagbucks exists. I don’t know about one poll branded service. I think also exists. You basically have to go into max bounty and you have to look at the screen right. We have opinion world.

We have survey voice a service for cash service to cash. Excuse me opinion city right. You want to go on this u.s service. So if i do us that’s kind of what you want to be doing, and now let me explain to why you was first of all seo traffic.

If it’s, an english language, the majority of it is going to be from the united states. We’re talking about at least 50 50 to 60 is going to be u.s traffic, so you do not want to be promoting something that is in english, but it’s, not us-based, because they’re not going to Give you credit for it.

You only want to do u.s offers, because, from my experience, unless it’s, something specific to another country, unless it’s very, very something specific. It’s. Gon na most of your traffic is gonna, be us so something like something like this side.

Well, actually, this side is actually targeted for the uk because they’re, mentioning pounds here and uh. I believe it’s like um yeah. Look at this, they have these references, but if you’re, not gonna make these references.

You’re gonna you’re gonna, be you’re gonna be getting a lot of u.s traffic. The majority, because i think google is going to look at it. It’s, going to see all these references and it’s, going to send them a little bit more uk traffic than normally it would so that’s.

The first thing, and so that’s, the first thing you want to create the site. You want to create five to ten pieces of content, so i have here an article and what you want to do is write something like this top 25 surveys to make money from home.

That’s. All you have to do, and this is going to be done automatically for you when you’re signed up sign up for bluehost. Now, if you use my affiliate link below, if you have any problems, leave a comment, let me know hey james.

I sign up for bluehost it’s, not working. I’m going to help you out so that’s. Kind of you know that i’m, going to do that for you, but typically that’s kind of what you want to do you haven’t. You want to have an intro paragraph, something like you know it’s.

Tough, these days is pretty tough. These days it’s. Tough to make money, you know jobs, jobs are cutting cutting rates, companies, their profits by cutting wages and as a result and as a result, people are looking right.

You want to have an introduction. You need to know how to write. Writing is a very, very important skill skill i was never. I was never really anything to do with a writer, but over time over the over time of writing.

So many things i can write a pretty decent article, so, for instance, this article right here i can probably write in an hour maybe hour and a half depending on how many items we have 25 items. I could probably write in an hour and that’s, kind of what you want to do.

You want to talk about. You want to give a description you want to give who are they? You want to give rewards amount per survey and you’re, going to see all this data when you are basically signed up, so you can go to the website.

You’re, going to see it here and you want to create a list now. This list could be 25, it could be five, it could be ten. I recommend making at least ten, because five is too little at least ten fifteen, the more the better honestly, if you can make 25 even better right and that’s kind of what you want to do, then you’re, going to Click on publish and that article is going to go, live once it once it’s, live google is going to find it and it’s going to start indexing this article now, but we’re, not done yet right.

Organic traffic is free, but it takes time to grow right. This is not an overnight thing. You have to understand, and so we’re, going to speed this up and we’re, going to speed this up by running ads to this article.

Okay, we’re, going to run as this article and specifically we’re, going to run facebook ads. So here i am in my facebook’s ad manager, and if you have a facebook ad account, you can create an ad ads manager, no problem, just google, how to create a facebook ad manager and you’ll – be able to do It, and so you wan na, create um you wan na you wan na, be in your ad manager.

You’ll, be able to create a business account business manager without having a company right it’s. Not it’s, not a problem, and you want to find something called the ads manager. This is where you’re gonna run ads, and i’m gonna show you from beginning to end how to do it.

We’re gonna. Do it from beginning to end, so we’re, going to click on create here and we’re going to follow the process. I’m going to guide you, so you don’t, have any questions and no issues like that, and so here we are campaign them.

I’m just going to call this survey. Survey c1 stands for survey campaign, one. We’re, going to call it an ad set one. We’re gonna call. This add one. We’re gonna save to draft. We’re gonna continue, and once we save to draft, we basically have this structure here.

This is a campaign. This is a an ad set, and this is an ad right. We don’t really care about the campaign we already set up the campaign. Now the next goal is to set up the asset. The ad set is very important.

It’s, kind of the heart of the campaign that setups the demographic, the interests uh the placements all of these nice things, and so what we want to do is we want to scroll down and we want to basically set the daily budget.

Now. This offer only pays us like 240, so 240 per lead, so we don & # 39. T really want to put five. You know anything above fifty dollars. I think five or ten dollars per day is a good starting point.

So i’m gonna put five dollars. We’re gonna start this tomorrow at midnight right. We want 12 a.m. We’re gonna scroll down you wan na choose people living in this location. It’s very important. You wan na scroll down uh for the age i’m gonna say 25 plus i mean you can run 18 plus it’s really up to you.

It’s. Your choice. Now this is the very important part we’re, going to go into detail targeting and what we want to do is we want to pick the interest? What kind of people do we want to show this partic particular ad to, and so we can basically type surveys, so it says paid surveys.

This looks like an interest. We can run to let’s. Take a look at the survey: it’s. 270 000. It’s, a little narrow for us. We don’t want to do that. Let’s, see if we can find something else. Uh, let’s, say survey and let’s, see what we can do.

Survey junkie survey junkie is only 92 000.. It’s a little it’s. It’s, a it’s very um. It’s, a small interest. I like paid surveys, but it’s. It’s too small, so we don’t want to run it. Let’s, see what else is there my survey? What is this? No, that’s very, that’s a little too small.

So let’s. Try something else! Let’s. Try make money now before we try there’s, make money fastest. Fifty thousand dollar. Fifty fifty eight thousand interest it’s very small. It’s. It’s, a very small interest.

You want at least a million, and so what we want to do is we want to basically look at some uh demographics interests or behavior. So, for instance, let’s. Think about somebody else. So, for instance, let’s, say: survey junkie.

We want to do that. We want to look at some of the competitors that we can basically promote and see. If you can do so. There’s, something called inbox dollars: 1.3 million. Let’s, see if that works, so that’s better.

That’s, a really good interest. So i’m gonna say i’m gonna also include space survey and paid service, and i think we’re gonna be doing and we have a million people, and this is perfect. Now we have hyper laser targeted interest that’s, gonna work really really well.

For this, this is perfect, and so we want to scroll down uh. We want to basically leave automatic placements. We’re, going to leave everything the same. We have a million people which is perfect uh. Next, we’re, going to go in and create the ad real quick.

This is a very, very quick process. It’s, not going to take you longer than five minutes. Super super easy to do, and so the first thing you want to do is you want to create a facebook page? I already have a couple of facebook pages, so i’m, not going to create a new one.

You can call something like opinion world or survey world or something related to opinions or surveys, and things like that. You wan na do this now, once you created the page you wan na go here for the ad set up.

We’re gonna create the ad we’re gonna scroll down and we’re gonna click on add media. We’re, going to click on, add image and you want to go and you want to go basically to stock images right. You click on account images and you want to go into stock images now.

What you want to do is you want to search for a survey and see what kinds of stock footages footage you’re, going to find that’s related to what we’re trying to do, and it looks like There’s, a lot of images there’s, a lot of things that we can promote, and so let’s, see what they look like.

Let’s, wait for it to load, and so here we are – and this looks like exactly what we want right. This is kind of what exactly what we want and so let’s say we pick this one. I always like those that have a computer in them something relatable uh, maybe a person etc, etc.

So we picked that image and now the image is loading and we’re gonna see a preview here. Okay, we’re gonna see a preview here of the stock image that we just chose and see how it looks like, and now it’s, basically showing us how this is going to look there’s.

A lot of feeds – this is the instagram feed uh. This is a there’s, going to be some desktop. Facebook news feed you’ll, be able to see uh. Sometimes it throws an error. Do not worry about that, and so you basically have all of these images.

It’s. Just it’s, just a preview. It’s, going to show up absolutely fine. Now you want some primary text and what you want to do is something like um, and so you want to write something you or you. The only thing you need to do is primary text.

You, don’t, have to worry about the headline. The description, and so what you want to do is you want you, you want to write something list. Looking for a side, hustle check this out now you can, you can write more, but that’s.

Kind of the idea right i don’t want to spend too much kind of crafting this. I just want to show you how it’s done, and then last but not least, the only thing you want to do is you want to put the website url, and this is going to be your newly website.

So, for instance, this website is saved the students make money paid online surveys. Imagine this is our own article right. We’re, going to copy and paste it, and we’re gonna paste it here and that’s.

All we have to do. We’re gonna paste it here, and that and and now we’re, we’re. Basically, super charging that article right we’re still gonna get google’s organic traffic, but we’re. Also gonna get facebook’s traffic on it.

We’re, going to get facebook to send us more and more traffic for a very low price and then call to action is learn more and that’s. All you have to do and then all you have to do. Is click publish it’s, going to go into a review? They’re, going to review it and since we’re, not doing anything shady, we’re, not doing anything that facebook doesn’t doesn’t.

Allow us we’re, not direct. Linking or doing anything else that’s, stupid uh, we’re, basically doing it the correct way of how facebook likes to do it, and then you click, publish and it’s. Gon na go into it’s, gonna go into review process and facebook is going to approve it, and then there is going to be traffic being sent to us all right guys.

So that is the way you do it. This is an awesome. Awesome method because, in my opinion, this is one of the easiest places to get started surveys, one of the simplest ways to get started, and not only you’re, getting paid traffic, you’re, also getting free traffic from google and, like I said one of my biggest regrets and i’m being 100 honest with you is the fact that i didn’t start my sites yesterday or five years ago or 10 years ago.

I’m starting them as i can, but if i knew that it just you know, i have size from five years ago, even a year ago, that that are having are showing a lot of improvement in traffic. If i knew this would happen uh then you know i would be starting a lot more size so that that is why i’m ramping up.

I’m starting more and more size because i know in six months they’re gonna get a lot of organic traffic, but in this method not only are you getting organic traffic, you’re, also getting paid traffic.

You’re, getting hyper targeted facebook traffic. Remember we did those cool interests that inbox dollars and that survey junkie, which are two of the main kind of survey sites right. This is very, very targeted, hyper targeted traffic, and so it’s.

Gon na it’s, gonna work really really well all right guys. So this is all i wanted to talk about in this video. I really really hope you’ve gotten value here. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below answer every single question, don’t, be shy.

Don’t hesitate if you enjoyed this video. If you found this video useful, if you learned something in this video smash, the like button subscribe to the channel click, the notification bell – and we have daily videos on this channel where you’re gonna learn a new tactic every day when it Comes to cpa marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online or anything in between so make sure you subscribe very, very important, leave a comment like the video, alright guys.

So that is all i wanted to talk about in this. Video really hope you’ve gotten value here, and i will see you tomorrow with a new video

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