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Highly Beneficial Entrepreneur Advice 2018

What Is Win/Win Marketing and Why Is It So Important To Understand..

Pay close attention, this is one of the most beneficial marketing articles you will ever read.

Marketer 2 Entrepreneur 2018
Marketer 2 Entrepreneur 2018

Why You Ask!






According to some of the top authorities in the world, people that are highly respected and listened to by millions, people like,

Warren Buffett, Tony Roberts, Berkshire Hathaway, Bill Gates, and many others  who have established themselves as philanthropists and highly successful entrepreneurs in the world of business and marketing.

They All Stress This Exact Same Thing As Pertaining To Becoming Successful.

You see,

They all share many of the exact same traits and characteristics that others should strive to emulate and copy.

One of the number one skills that blossoming entrepreneurs and business people business people should learn to develop,

Is The Skill To Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships With People..

Marketing 2018




Because, This Is What  Win/Win Marketing Is All About..

Win/Win Marketing Is The Right Way To Conduct Your Online Marketing Activities. As Well As Every Other Relationship You Want To Develop.

What exactly is Win/Win Marketing you may ask yourself!

Simply put, the term is all about creating RECIPROCAL RELATIONS between yourself and the people who you want to develop a relationship with,

Business or Personal..

What Then is An Reciprocal Relationship..


As you’re probably already well aware, almost all relations or in the case of business relationships, most initial contact is usually started by someone presenting an offer,

and the other person then deciding, to take them up on that offer or choosing not to take them up on the offer..


End Of That Initial Communication..

This is where the majority of marketers and business people fail..

This is commonly called ONE WAY MARKETING.

Why So…


Once That Initial Interaction Is Completed,




Certainly NOT A Very Successful Marketing Strategy.

How-ever, others do recognize that follow-up is a highly critical component of internet marketing. People most times have to be exposed to a particular advertising 7 to 10 times, before actually thinking about signing up for it.

My Win/Win strategy is simply the practice of establishing an marketing technique based on the principal of “a favor for a favor”… In other words I always work to establish a Win/Win Marketing relationship between myself and my online marketing associates.

How is this done you may be asking yourself… Suppose you send out a campaign to your list and start to receive responses from interested people, how do you reply to them… Well most marketers simply shoot them the company written promotional ads, others for reasons unknown never respond at all…

My Win/Win strategy is to respond with Friendship and NO MARKETING AT ALL.

Once a contact is made, your very first communication should be of a reciprocal nature. Meaning, finding out what program/systems they are involved in, what are their strengths and/or weaknesses in marketing, are they actually succeeding in their marketing efforts, ect…

If they are promoting a program that you deem to be of worth, join up with them, (Careful, do this ONLY if you’re REALLY interested in it, or you’ll be joining tons of useless systems).

Marketer 2 Entrepreneur
Marketer 2 Entrepreneur

Establish a Running relationship with your contacts so that it IS NOT simply about marketing, think of your associates as your online marketing family… (except you get alone with this family lol).

Make them know that you will participate in any Solid Opportunity that they may throw in your direction, in return for this same reciprocal consideration for your promotions… That’s Win/Win… Trust me.

These are the marketing relationships that really do produce beneficial fruits… Your online marketing efforts will increase dramatically if you put into practice this type of mutually beneficial marketing relationships… Win/Win Marketing is always the Right Way .

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